Bream Head Reserve from Manaia

Donations, Friends

The money received by the Bream Head Conservation Trust is used exclusively for our work in the Bream Head Scenic Reserve.  We receive income from a number of different sources but donations and endowments from private individuals are particularly important.

It can be helpful to think what your contribution can be used for.

$25 can fund a rat trap for a year.
$80 funds a stoat trap for a year.
$130 will pay for a cat trap for a year.

Regular (monthly or annual) donations are especially valuable as they give us a predictable income stream letting us plan and budget in advance.  We regularly apply for grants and many funding bodies are encouraged to see we have regular donation income, which can make them more likely to approve our proposals.

Make a Donation


If you make a regular $10 monthly donation you become a Friend of Bream Head Conservation Trust.  All Friends can choose to receive printed hard copy Rangers Reports sent to their address every month. This is an excellent option for those who prefer to receive information without needing a computer or internet connection.

You will also occasionally be invited to Friends-only Events and when we can let people see our work up close our Friends will be the first in the queue.

The best way to set up a regular monthly payment is to ask your bank to make an Automatic Payment. Most NZ banks now let you do this on-line.

Become a Friend