Bream Head Reserve from Manaia

How Can I Help?

The restoration of Bream Head Scenic Reserve is a work in progress, a team effort and a joint venture between people and organisations with a range of skills and interests.  We have made steady progress over many years, and it keeps getting better. However, to reach our goal to bring back the birdsong and create an environment where we can safely relocate sensitive species from offshore islands to the mainland we have a long road ahead of us.
Major tasks include trapping and monitoring, weed management, revegetation, enhancement of education and recreation facilities, species translocations, fundraising and liaison with government, industry, iwi and the community.



I care about The Reserve but I’m short of time and/or I have other priorities.

A great way to help us would be to keep yourself informed about what we’re doing and help spread the word. Our monthly Rangers Reports are packed with news from the Reserve and we can deliver them straight to your inbox.  Our Facebook page is updated frequently giving you more chances to find out what’s happening, get invited to events like kiwi releases and share our information with your friends. There’s a link to our Facebook page at the bottom of every page on this website.  If you want to do the talking while you’re walking (or driving!) and spread the word even further you can get yourself one of our exclusive T-shirts or bumper stickers. They look great and make us a bit of money too.

Another quick, easy and hugely appreciated way to help is to make a financial contribution. Regular (monthly or annual) donations are especially valuable as they give us a predictable income stream letting us plan and budget in advance.  When we apply for grants from funding bodies they are encouraged to see income from regular donations.


North Island kaka; photo courtesy of David Monro

The Reserve is an important issue for me and I have some time, money or skills to give.

There are lots of you in this group, and luckily we have lots of ways to get involved!  You might feel strongly about restoring the Reserve but don’t know how to help.

We’d love you to sign up for our Rangers Reports and like our Facebook Group.  Once you’ve done that, consider joining our group of volunteers. Our simple sign up form tells us a little about you, and then our volunteer coordinator will be in touch to talk with you in person and work out where you can best help.

Creeping fuchsia - Fuchsia procumbens; photo courtesy of nz plant conservation network

Creeping fuchsia – Fuchsia procumbens; photo courtesy of nz plant conservation network

I’m passionate about this issue and I want to commit my time and energy.

You might be someone looking for an important role in one or more areas of our work. The combination of your passion for the Reserve and your willingness to put in the hard work makes you extremely valuable to us and we want to find the best place for you in our organisation.

First thing we need to explain how we are organised and how the Trust is structured. At the top of our organisation we have our Trustees who meet once a month to discuss governance, financial and operational issues and receive reports from our committees, as featured below.

Rangers Committee

Manages our staff of full-time, part-time and volunteer rangers.

Recreation Committee

Maintains and enhances recreational facilities in the Reserve, including tracks and signage.  Manages recreation events, e.g. Wild Kiwi.

Education Committee

Publishes educational material, arranges school and group visits, liaises with scientific and research organisations.

Communication Committee

Handles external communications for the Trust (including this website), publicises events, creates press releases, manages social media and places articles in the local news.

As a passionate supporter of our cause with significant time to give we suggest you sign up for our newsletter, connect to us on social media, get a t-shirt and a bumper sticker, think about what you want to contribute and then contact our volunteer coordinator or one of our committee chairs to discuss what would suit you best.

Kukupa - photo courtesy of David Monro

Kukupa – photo courtesy of David Monro