Bream Head Reserve from Manaia

Rangers Report February 2016

The highlight of our operational news has to be the trip down to Mangatutu, Pureora Forest to pre-feed North Island Robin for our upcoming inaugural translocation in April and May! The first of the two pre-feed trips occurred in February with myself and a team of four Bream Head volunteers and all had an amazing time interacting with these enigmatic birds.

Usually we were able to get each individual bird to eat about seven or eight meal worms on the track before the robin would fly a short distance away and stash worms it did not want to eat there and then. The clever females would watch the male fill his stash site and raid it at a later date, which was satisfying to watch as the male usually pushes in past the female to get the food first (you go girl)!! As we fed the Robins we slowly increased the volume and rate of hand claps, a technique used to build familiarity with the Robins and humans, which will be valuable when we will need to attract them for capture and for post release monitoring. Another team of enthusiastic Bream Head volunteers will join ranger Evan Davies in early March to travel down once again to the same site to conduct the second feeding of the robins. Then it’s all on in April for the actual capture and translocation to Bream Head. This is such exciting times for our project, it is the culmination of many years of hard work and dedication by so many wonderful volunteers, the vision of our trustees and the ongoing support of our funders and other key stakeholders.

Read the February 2016 Rangers Report (1.5MB pdf) for more details on this and other stories.