Bream Head Reserve from Manaia

Rangers Report November 2018

We banded four healthy petrel chicks.

It’s been another busy month for the Trust on and off the reserve, with plenty of strategic decision making behind the scenes, as well as great restoration mahi resulting in the continuation of positive outcomes for our species. You will note from the predator control table in the full report that we had several possums caught along the boundary, including two females with back-riders (juvenile possums that ride around on their mother’s back). Only one of the five possums caught was actually trapped inside the reserve, expertly caught by one of our dedicated volunteers. It was trapped using a Sentinel possum trap, which is the main possum trap we have been using since our project intensification in 2011. The other four were caught on the boundary in our new Steve Allan Kat traps which were right next, or very close, to a Sentinel possum trap. These new traps function very well as a multi-kill option working well for cat and possum captures. Apart from this spike in possum captures and the two weasels, 22 mice and seven rats along the boundary, there has been very little
evidence once again of predator movement within the reserve interior. Rodent toxin uptake has been extremely low with only degradation of ld baits of any issue.

Chicks and Volunteers

Other activity going on this month within the operational programme has included a successful trip to the grey faced petrel (GFP) site with five chicks still alive in the study site (three chicks alive outside the study site), of which four chicks were banded for future study. During November the BHCT rangers also teamed up again with local DOC rangers to control and suppress climbing asparagus weeds, new volunteers were inducted and trained for trapping and toxin checks, Whangarei Primary School visited Bream Head Scenic Reserve (BHSR), the BHCT education team visited Kamo High School, Adam worked with Whangarei Heads School children installing new traps and monitoring gear across school grounds and a shade sail was erected over the BHCT operational shipping container to reduce heat issues inside the facility.

Another Fantastic Year Ends

Of important note this month also was the construction of a progress report to our major funder Foundation North by our trustees and the development of a highly professional, thoroughly researched GIS based site suitability report for a possible reintroduction of Australasian gannets to Bream Head.

possible gannet colony locations

Possible gannet colony locations at Bream Head

As this is my last report that I will write in 2018 I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, fun new year! It’s been another fantastic year filled with the most wonderful community spirit and so many awesome successes once again. To the ‘old guard’, to the new comers, to the community at large, to the sponsors and to all stakeholders – thank you, thank you, thank you.

I love this place, I love this job and I really love this community – mauri ora!!

If you would like to know more about some of these cool items read the full report and enjoy!