Bream Head Reserve from Manaia

Rangers Report October 2016

Five fledglings North Island Robins spotted off the nest with their parents and four nests with eggs/chicks that will hopefully take flight too.

Robins on the Forest Floor

Robins on the Forest Floor

Well, isn’t the weather as crazy as an US Presidential Election at the moment, one minute the ground is saturated, the next it’s been dried and is as hard as a bone by these equinox winds. Hope our wonderful creatures have good havens throughout the reserve to ride out the worst of the weather. In particular, I hope our five newly found ‘Bream Head made’ North Island Robin fledglings are doing okay. Yes, that’s right, true breeding success of our first bird translocation has been achieved, read on to find out more. October has been a very busy month again with plenty happening on and off the hill. The threat of Kauri Dieback has been reduced through some key mitigation efforts by the Trusts rangers, the trust has held a BHCT environmental educational showcase event for teachers in Whangarei, a critical strategic planning day for the Trustees extracted all the positive forward planning capabilities of our clever team. The early stages of our next bird translocation of Whiteheads (Popokatea) is going really well as we enjoy our continued support and relationship with iwi and our application for permission of this activity has been submitted to DOC. The draft five-year restoration plan 2017-2021 has emerged and is being dissected bit by bit by the Trust so we develop the best possible plan for the restoration of Bream Head.

Fledglings Take Flight

Out of our eight nesting North Island Robin pairs we are monitoring there have been five fledglings spotted off the nest with their parents and there are still four nests with eggs/chicks that will hopefully take flight too. So, it’s with great satisfaction and pride that I can say we have had success with breeding our own Bream Head made North Island Robins! We will still need to monitor the breeding for the rest of this season to make any sound judgement on the overall success of the translocation and breeding of our North Island Robin.

Read the October 2016 Rangers Report (900kB pdf)  for more details on this and other stories.